Internal Links

Internal linking structure and website architecture

Your navigational hierarchy plays a key role in passing link gain, deep into your website. Pages too far down your website tree won’t get enough attention to warrant high rankings.

It is critical to optimize your internal linking structure by creating a path of interlinking within your website. When it is relevant, we will include links to related products/services, related articles, related searches, etc. In doing so, we ensure the anchor text is optimal and visible to both users and the search engines.

Clean website navigation structure helps increase the user experience, improve internal linking between all relevant pages which helps build and promote pages similar in theme and topic.

Link Popularity

Link popularity is one of the most important elements that search engines factor into their ranking algorithms. You may have a completely optimized website, but if your website does not have link popularity regarding your targeted keywords, then your website is not likely to compete for high rankings of these phrases.

Factors that search engines consider important when calculating the strength of a link:

  • Page rank of the page where your link appears.
  • The actual text that is linked. Is it optimal to use your main keyword as the text that is linked instead of your company name.
  • The link popularity of the site that is linking to your site. Links that come from websites that are authoritative in the search results are more powerful.
  • Industry relevancy of the websites promoting your products/services plays an important role in determining the quality of the link.